It has long been understood that there is a strong link between playing and learning for young....
It has been established that there is a strong connection between play based activities and learning....
The education value of games has been recognized by educators and researchers across the globe. The ....

Our Mission Statement

At Kerria International School of Japan we believe that the beginning of your child’s education is the start of a fulfilling journey through life. We consider it our mission to provide a comfortable and safe learning environment that will allow your children to follow the path that realizes their life goals.      Our experienced teachers will g....
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Our center provides the following services

Learn through play

Young children grow, learn, and develop their personalities through experimentation and play. We believe that by providing young children learning opportunities through organized play activities, we are instilling in them important cognitive and social skills.

Fine Motor Skills

Children don’t need much encouragement to jump, run, and play with the classroom toys. However, we believe that it’s also very important to engage the children to work on their fine motor skills. Small precise finger, hand, and wrists movements support many vital physical and mental skills. This aspect of education is important in educating the whole child.

Physical Activity

There are numerous studies that teach us that students learn more when given the opportunity to be physically active. Physical activity plays an important role in the development of better cognitive skills, improved classroom attitudes and enhanced concentration.

The Thematic Approach

Kindergarten teachers use a thematic approach to engage a child in the learning process through varied lessons ranging from science and math to arts and crafts. A thematic learning environment keeps student learning focused on a broad concept while touching on specific knowledge and skills.

Child Care

Kerria International prides itself on providing excellent child care services for our younger students. Kerria After-school care takes advantage of the time to promote each of our student’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

Teaching the Whole Child

We believe in teaching the whole child. At Kerria International we want to bridge the social and emotional life-skills with a firm academic foundation. We believe that by engaging every aspect of the child’s development, we can guarantee a more well-rounded education.


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Announcement Board


Preschool / Kindergarten Japanese Teacher

Kerria International School in Japan is currently accepting applications for a full time preschool Japanese teaching position. We are looking for passionate, creative, career minded educators who seeking the challenge of working and contributing to the direction of a growing school.

Requirement:         Native Japanese Speaker,

                                 Teaching Experience (Preferred)  

Duties:         Plan and execute theme based lessons,

                     Support the homeroom teacher,

                     Light administrative work.

Salary: Negotiable

Please  send you appilacation to :  Kerria Recruitment 


Applications should include:

  • A cover letter related to the desired position.

  • A complete resume.

  • A recent photo.

  • Details of visa status (If currently residing in Japan).