What We Do

What We Want to Accomplish at Kerria International School

  • Instill strong core values in each child.
  • Instill a positive learning attitude that leads to children developing into life-long learners and an assurance that they become fully bilingual.
  • Educate children to be confident and knowledgeable enough to attain their personal goals and find fulfillment in life.
  • Teach them to be responsible and principled enough to make meaningful contributions to our global society.
  • Ensure they are prepared to thrive within an ever-evolving global community.

    Teaching the Whole Child

At Kerria International School we believe in teaching the whole child. We believe with that our unique curriculum we can bridge a child`s social development with a firm foundation in academics. We want to provide the children with the knowledge they need to prosper and the ability to make responsible day to day decisions.

Why Choose Kerria International School?

Kerria International School of Japan is here to offer our community the unique option of having their children educated by expert, dedicated, and nurturing teachers in an entirely bilingual environment. The entire Kerria staff is devoted to the mission of providing a truly global education that is committed to the tenants of Whole Child Learning. Our curriculum is specifically designed to weave the emotional social wellbeing of the children with a strong academic foundation. We believe that to prepare a child for a prosperous and fulfilling future we need to instill strong principled attitudes, a desire to be a life-long learner, and the ability to make responsible life decisions.

At Kerria International school we maintain small class sizes that benefit student to teacher ratios. Our teachers are trained to adapt their teaching strategies to ensure that each child is given the attention they need and that our small classes are academically sound and engaging. Parents can be assured that there aren`t any cracks in a Kerria classroom, all of our students are cherished, encouraged, and provided with the skills to succeed.


Kerria International School will be delighted to host a theme based summer camp full of new friends, fun filled activities and a great field trip that matches the summer camp theme.