The Kerria Kindergartens believe that thematic teaching of the curriculum provides the best opportunity for children to engage in the learning process. Thematic units allow the children to focus on a common broad theme while touching on specific knowledge and skills throughout the teaching day. We believe that teaching through themes provides one of the best methods for integrating the entire Kittens, Penguins, and Honeybees curriculum in a way that helps children make connections, transfer prior knowledge, build knowledge, and find enjoyment in the learning.

Preschool – Kittens: The Kittens kindergarten is designed for children aged 2-3 years old. The Kittens classes are a safe space where children are encouraged to explore their new learning environment and build the motor, cognitive, and language skills that will be needed as they grow older and enter into our upper kindergartens.​


Circle Time:
We start everyday by gathering our kindergarten classes together for our circle time. Circle time is an opportunity for the children to warm up with dance and movement, while practicing songs based on our thematic units.

Learning Time:
While every aspect of our day is a learning time, we use this opportunity to review our theme and teach our unique bilingual lessons. The work ranges from phonics and literacy to mathematics and science.


An excellent time to model responsible behavior, learn a healthy wash up routine, and proper table manners.

Park and Physical Activity time:
Kerria School is fortunate enough to have a fully equipped park minutes away from our school. We try to take the children out for fun, exercise, and to experience the outdoors as often as we can.

Arts and Crafts:
During arts and crafts the children are invited to express their ideas and feelings by creating imaginative theme based art projects. The children refine their motor skills, develop a sense of spatial awareness, experiment with different materials, and explore how the create with color and textures. Art in Kerria International encourage the children to enjoy the process and complete their art projects with pride and confidence. 

We like to wind down our day witha theme based story and readers theater play. The children learn reading strategies and will also have a chance to read or flip on pages by themselves. This is a perfect time for the children to learn how to take care of the books and learn their importance.

Goodbye Circle:
This is a special time when the children and teachers get together to say goodbye to each other for the day and rejoin their parents.