1.What Curriculum are you teaching?
Kerria International has designed it`s own unique bilingual curriculum that follows the philosophy of whole child learning. We focus on a child`s social/emotional as well as their academic development.

2.Will my child be able to transition easily into another school system?
Yes, Kerria International`s bilingual curriculum learning goals are very similar to standardized kindergarten and elementary school benchmarks.

3.Will Kerria be offering an elementary school?
Kerria International School will be opening a bilingual elementary section in April 2017.

4. Do you have a School Lunch service?
Yes we do.

5. How do your bilingual classes work?
Each kindergarten class will have a Japanese and English teacher. The main focus of the class will alternate between direct Japanese and English instruction.

6. What does my child need to bring each day?
Your child will need to bring a snack, lunch, and a water bottle. The school will request that each student get a school bag.

7. Are there entrance tests? 
Admissions in to the kindergarten section are based solely on age of the child.

8. Are parents required to speak both English and Japanese?
No, Kerria International has a fully bilingual admissions staff.

9. Does the school have an outside play area?
Kerria International is conveniently located a few minutes walk from two parks.

10. Are parents allowed to view the classes?
Kerria International will have specific weeks throughout the year set aside for the parents to view their child`s learning in the classroom. If a parent wishes to view a class outside of these assigned weeks, please schedule a time with admissions.

The Others

After school fees depends on the program ( more info separetaly )

No refund after entry

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions

Kerria International School TEL:03-5875-3257

E-mail: info@kisj.jp