Staff Profiles

Ms. Erin

Hello! I’m Ms. Erin and I’m from Florida, United States of America. Currently I’m leading the K-2 class, teach Visual Arts, and native level English in the afternoon. This is my second year at Kerria, and I’m very excited to have this opportunity!

I have a bachelor’s degree in Art Education and certifications in early childhood education and care. Including my time at Kerria International School, I have over 8 years experience teaching children and have worked with kids between the ages of infancy to late elementary school. I love teaching young children and hope to always be able to use my experience and talents for the benefit of my students and school.

Ms. Nagisa

Hello, my name is Nagisa and I’m from Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. I support the K-2 classroom teacher and teach Japanese for K-1 and K-2 students. My classes focus on the Japanese alphabet, children’s songs, finger plays, stories, and cultural education. 

I studied in the Nursery department at Thurumi University and had worked in a Buddhist nursery school for 7 years before joining Kerria. I’m excited to meet all of your special kids, develop their confidence, and help them accomplish their goals. I hope to bring lots of fun and happinesss to Kerria International School!

Ms. Zoe

Hello! I am Ms. Zoe and I’m from Australia. I teach the K-1 Penguins class and afternoon ESL classes. This is my second year teaching at Kerria. I am all about making sure that your child is enjoying school life, are safe and making lessons that are developmentally appropriate. 

I have a passion for teaching in early childhood education and have 10 years experience teaching at international preschools and kindergartens in Japan, China and Hong Kong. 

Ms. Kozue

Hi!! I am Ms. Kozue from Tokyo, Japan. I’m the co-teacher for the K-1 class. At Kerria my main responsibilities are to teach music and Japanese. Using my piano skills I want to teach your children the wonderfulness of music by using familiar things as well as the piano.

I also taught the piano before coming to Kerria and have experience teaching handicapped children and at an overseas Japanese kindergarten. I am passionate about children's emotional education through music and hope to always have the chance to take care of children throughout my life.

Ms. Katherine

Hello! I’m Ms. Katherine and I’m from California, United States of America. Currently I’m the lead teacher of the preschool “Kittens” class and teach several exciting ESL classes in the afternoon.

I am a certified TEFL/TESOL instructor and have over three years experience teaching English language learners from preschoolers to adults. Teaching internationally is my passion and I have taught English in both China and Japan. I’m excited to have the opportunity to expand my resume by working with the brilliant children and teachers of Kerria International School.

Ms. Aurora

My name is Aurora and I’m from the Philippines. I’m assisting the preschool teacher, lead the English language day care program, and teach afterschool ESL classes. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a major in Early Childhood Education as well as an associate’s degree in Computer Science. I have been teaching children for 12 years and have also taught ESL for several years. 

Working with children of different nationalities and cultures has made my chosen profession truly interesting and enjoyable. I am looking forward to teaching and taking part of shaping your child's bright future at Kerria International School.