Staff Profiles

Yoga Teacher


                Rie-sensei teaches Yoga on Wednesday mornings to our students. She has training in a variety of yoga styles including children’s, maternity, postnatal, chair, and Hatha traditions. Outside of Kerria she is also teaching yoga classes in the local community for mothers, children, and seniors.


Preschool - Assistant Teacher


             Ayumi-sensei is a Tokyo native and has training from Chiba in childcare support. She has over 7 years of experience as an assistant teacher and is a warm and kind influence in the classroom. Like many of our other teaching staff she is working towards bilingualism and already has an excellent command of the English language!

K2 & K3 - Japanese Teacher


              Nagisa-sensei is a native of Japan and holds Japanese kindergarten and nursery school licenses. Along with her education she also has over 9 years experience teaching children in Japanese and international kindergartens. She has an outstanding command of the English language from studying in her free time and is an excellent model of bilingualism for Kerria students!


K1 - Assistant Teacher


               Ms. Joy joins us from the Phillipines. She has training in TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages – and a Bachelor’s of Science in Tourism Management. She has almost two years experience teaching English to children and adults and is a positive addition to our Kerria team!


K1 - Japnese & Music Teacher


             Kozue-sensei grew up in Ibaraki, Japan and studied teaching piano at Showa Music University and music therapy at Kunitachi Music Academy. Additionally she has dedicated training in both childcare and education for disabled children. She has more than eight years teaching children in kindergartens and piano schools in both China and Japan. She also is improving in her English everyday demonstrating for students the value of bilingualism!


K3 - Kangaroos  (Homeroom Teacher)


             Mr. Padraic joins us from Ireland. He proudly holds a Bachelor’s of Education and is currently studying to earn his Master of Arts in Educational Leadership. He has over eight years teaching children in both his home country of Ireland and overseas in the United Arab Emirates. He is happy to share his wide range of experiences with the students and staff of Kerria.


K2 - Honeybees (Homeroom & Art Teacher)


            Ms. Erin comes to Kerria from Florida, United States of America. She holds a Bachelor of Art’s in Art Education and certifications in early childhood education. She is happy to have over ten years experience teaching children between 6 weeks to eleven years of age in both the United States and Japan. Currently she is studying Japanese in her free time at a private language school and hopes to become fluent one day.


Preschool - Support  Teacher


                Ms. Minura is originally from Kyrgyzstan where she studied at Osh State University of World Languages where she completed her Master’s degree in Linguistics in 2017. She has over nine years of experience working in international schools.

 Preschool - Kittens (Homeroom Teacher)                  


               Ms. Katherine comes to us from California, United States of America and has two different certificates in TEFL. She has over 8 years of experience teaching English to both children and adults in China and Japan. She enjoys studying Japanese language in her free time and communicates easily with both parents and new students!


Dance Teacher

K1 - Penguins (Homeroom Teacher)


              Ms. Danielle comes to us from Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. We are very pleased to have her as a member of our team as she holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Management and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Early Years and Primary Education. Along with her education she has over twelve years of experience teaching children in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and now Japan!



HR & Admin Manager


                 Ms. Reiko is in charge of admissions and parent communications at Kerria. She is originally from Shizuoka and has a warm and kind demeanor from working in human resource departments for over 16 years. Like most of our teachers and staff she is bilingual and can answer nearly any question about our academic programs.